I draw and play games and maybe do other things
There is no way this is the correct term

There is no way this is the correct term

"I studied animation for years" is such a douchey way to start a sentence but I wanted to use it to sound like I should be ashamed of myself

Except I’m totally not

I studied animation for years and I still think the blackout episode of Sealab is one the most genius episodes of a cartoon ever

Update, my sister said she wanted chocolate zucchini cake instead and I don’t understand

"do that one get booze put in it" I say

Thinking about making a bourbon chocolate cake I made before for a family dinner. Briefly considered writing “bourbon” on my arm to remind me to pick it up

Quickly considered the result of telling people at work, “oh that’s my grocery list”

Kinda really amped to work on comics right now and I’m stuck working five days this week until late :c

yeah, come to think of it most of the time recently when designing a character I try to determine their nose, lips, eyebrows, etc, but I really need to think more of the head and shape as a whole

a holdover of damnable anime’d trappings of yesteryear



Hey just throwing it out there out of the blue but

If you have any critique of my art or writing…


I think the only critique I have for your work right now would be that I don’t see a lot of varying face shapes in the characters.  Specifically the female ones.  They all have the cute, round heads with a pointed chin.

I assume it’s a default shape, since it’s present in male characters as well in your art.  I’m pretty sure everyone has default face shapes (I know I definitely do) that they go to, but I think it’s prevalent enough in your work to merit pointing out.  Like… when I read Strays, I noticed that I had to focus on identifying characters by their hair and clothes rather than their faces when a panel was difficult to read or not as straightforward.

But that’s it.  I don’t really have anything else to say (don’t hate me).

Hmmmm, hm! This is a good point  :>

I think whenever I tried to push face shapes too much I would fail and give up, and I suppose i ended up sticking to small degrees of variation on a default. I’ma evaluate what direction those little variations were going and try to work on them more, and keep it in mind for future design!  :D

Thank yooou

On a similar note, my body types probably need a bit more variation, I’m slowly working my way out of the loose-fitting jacket crutch i adopted when I started that comic…   :/

Hey just throwing it out there out of the blue but

If you have any critique of my art or writing feel free to send it my way

I’m not talking about like, awkward anatomy in a single drawing, chances are I see that before I finish it and just upload anyway. I mean like if there’s something you keep seeing that makes you roll your eyes and go, “ugh, I wish he would learn to draw blank already”.

I mean, I don’t think there is anything that I do too terribly, but I guess that’s the point! If I knew I’d try to fix it   :V

Even more than that though I wanna know if my writing has issues. If you’ve read my comic or anything and though it has pacing issues, or poorly written female characters, or diversity issues (which… yeah… I’ll need to fix that  ._. ) I’d be willing to give it a listen. In the end I’m gonna tell the stories I wanna tell but I want to tell them well if there’s something preventing me from doing so

Okay that’s all!   :O

You have to leave

'Cause if you don't dear, you'll never see the things you read about in books

You saw the films and you were hooked

But everything you want won’t come to you

And you realize now you’ve got to go see this through